Do You Know the ROI and Risk of your Company's Tech?

Do You Know the ROI and Risk of your Company’s Tech?

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One of the first questions we usually ask our clients is: Do You Know the ROI and Risk of your Company’s Tech?

The answer to that question gives us an immediate idea of how well the company’s tech is aligned with the business and its goals.


It’s typical for companies to add technology, software and security controls as needs arise.  The problem with that approach to tech is that often the companies business goals are not aligned with the tech and security, which causes a “state of the unknown” which usually leads to the company overspending.  

Either overspending on tech they don’t need or it leads to overspending caused by system inefficiencies and excess employee time spent to complete given tasks.

We’ve developed a proprietary method to ensure companies not only fully understand the ROI of their tech, but maximizes the ROI of their technology while minimizing the risk of their tech and security.  

We call it the ROI Transformation Method.  

It’s a five phase method, that starts with the ROI Assessment phase to help companies understand where they are right now. 

The 2nd phase is called Roadmap Clarity, which details how the company gets from where they are now to where their tech and security are fully aligned with their business goals. 

The 3rd phase is the Transformation stage where we make all the changes that are outlined in the Roadmap come to life.  

The 4th phase is called Specialized Feedback which establishes the meaningful metrics needed to manage the technology and security and creates a dashboard to ensure everything can be easily monitored on a daily/weekly basis.  

And the final phase is called Progress Loop, which sets up regular checkups to ensure everything is on track as your business and security landscape change.  

What happens at most companies is they hire a consultant that takes them through most of the first two phases, but that’s when the consultant submits their report, leaving the company to handle the remaining steps on their own.  

Unfortunately, most companies don’t complete the entire process for a number of reasons and find themselves back wondering if they are getting the most out of their technology and even more importantly, if it’s actually supporting the company’s growth.  

Companies that hire us to take them through the process usually find significant cost savings.  We’ve saved clients 3-4x what they paid us in fees, and in some cases more. 

The key takeaway in understanding the ROI of your technology is knowing that it’s supporting your business goals and business growth.  

If you’re not sure the ROI you’re getting from your technology, we encourage you to start with an assessment and take the additional steps in the ROI Transformation Method to get your tech aligned with your company’s goals.  

To learn more about the ROI Transformation Method, reach out to set up a quick, 20-minute call to see if it’s the right step for you. 

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