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What is Venture Intelligence & How Will it Benefit Your Firm?

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Our Venture Intelligence service is different from most other offerings in that we specifically provide expert technical/engineering evaluation of the investments you are exploring.  

That alone can offer businesses and investors a great advantage over others who might be evaluating the same deals by providing the most actionable tech intelligence that firms of all sorts – M&A, Private Equity, Venture Capital, and others – can leverage.

Having an idea for a great business is only the first step. The real value is in the execution and implementation of that idea. While many discovery and diligence services might help evaluate the ideas behind a business or refine a business plan, our Venture Intelligence services accomplish two missions:

(1)  Evaluate, verify, and validate the product strategy, the technical quality, and the technical team behind the business, and…

(2)  Provide the strongest advisory, consultation, strategy, and planning services to best enable technical teams to bring their product to market and outlast others in that market.

We provide insights into the technologies involved, the software architecture used, and any other technical discipline leveraged by a company that investors want to invest in. 

We help them determine if the team, the technology, or any other technical quality is worth the investment, can really do what they say it does, and has a path toward success.

We also evaluate and investigate prospective companies to fully understand the makeup and capabilities of their teams. Often, even with the best technology, technical teams and their ability to work side-by-side with non-technical teams determines their success. 

Merely understanding a technology or a tech-stack isn’t enough – investors and pioneers need a comprehensive and empathetic view of a prospect as much as they need the engineer’s perspective.

For one client, we assessed a games media company with incredible technology and a bold mission, but core capabilities in digital marketing and network architecture were lacking. We helped validate and confirm a set of serious scalability risks before a new round of funding was then committed to. 

For another client, our expertise was central to the analysis of a well-financed technology firm’s M&A book. This ranged from assessments of the core technologies developed in the company to security risks and production capabilities. This analysis led multiple investors to make the best decision in how to structure follow-on investments.  

We also evaluated a blockchain firm that had been disrupting the smart contracts field. Our discovery and follow-on advisory work better positioned the firm for its next phase of growth and properly prepared the technical team for challenges in that phase. 

The end goal of Venture Intelligence is to save firms from investing in possibly overly-risky investments, and warn them about teams that put on a good show yet don’t know how to execute well on their product offering. 

In the end, business fundamentals, business plans and accurate projections are just part of the picture. For investments involving technology and engineering, investors need to know if the technology will succeed along with the business.  

With this intelligence in hand, you can better evaluate if your next investment is your best move.

To find out more about our Venture Intelligence service click here or reach out to us here to set up a time to speak.

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