The 6 Advantages for Firms Leveraging Venture Intelligence

The 6 Advantages for Firms Leveraging Venture Intelligence

In News by Adam Porroni

Investors look for any and all reliable information they can get their hands on to evaluate investments.  Here we look at the 6 advantages for firms that leverage quality venture intelligence.

A strong and reliable Venture Intelligence service should provide expert technical/engineering evaluation of companies that investors are considering funding. It should offer insights into a company’s products, the technologies involved, the software architecture used, and any other technical discipline leveraged by the company, including how well the team can execute.

With this in mind, leveraging the right Venture Intelligence services offer clients 6 critically-valuable advantages over their competitors.

1)  Flexibility. You don’t need to have in-house engineers or similarly-technical staff when you can use a team that you can selectively apply to discovery and diligence work. This can save you money and give you unbiased evaluations.

2)  Decisiveness. Reducing risk and filtering out needlessly risky investments as quickly as possible is critical. Firms want solid analysis and evaluations as quickly as they can get it.  Outsourced teams can provide up-front insights about a company’s quality of their technology and the quality of their execution well-ahead of the investment. Experts are in a position to ask the questions that most might not think to ask. The benefit for the investor is actionable intelligence that helps filter out dangerous or overly-risky investments. 

3)  Quality. Every great venture needs a team that includes complementary roles. Firms that need to evaluate these teams need advisors and evaluators that can work directly with the finance team or other roles involved in traditional discovery and diligence in order to provide a more detailed and higher quality picture of an investment.  This ensures the results of the analysis are solid.

4)  Reliability. Whether you need insight into information security, innovation strategy, or technology budgeting or team training, you need a team that will be there for you whenever you need them. A strong partner with a deep bench of experience is an asset that ultimately gives you reliable, unbiased insights again and again.  

5)  Innovation. You want a team that demonstrates its value. A team that has built and used its own tools to support its research and provide excellent strategic, and technical, analysis. You need teams that have both experience in delivering products as well as leveraging and researching new products. You should require quality analysis based on hands-on experience that can reliably compare past technologies with current and future-looking tech. In the end, you get solid analysis on how innovative the proposed technology truly is.

6)  Dominance. Being able to have the right team in-place to comprehensively and effectively evaluate prospective investments increases the chance that an investment is the right move to make. Taking on the right investments at the right time and being able to find the best ones helps firms establish themselves as leaders, grow faster, and maintain their edge over competitors.

For any team, and especially so for leaders of investment, equity, and capital firms, having the most advantageous skills, resources and intelligence leads to success. Every partner, every hire, ideally will help the company achieve more and continue to add to its advantages in the market.

It’s this set of qualities that firms and investors can use to gain deeper insights and an advantage on where the market is going and how quickly innovation will drive us there.  This is why leveraging the best Venture Intelligence service matters.  Solid analysis of the technology you consider investing in helps give you the edge in deciding if that investment is a strong bet.

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