Technology as a Managed Service

Managing your technical asset portfolio is no small task, and if it’s not done well, it can be a big risk for your business. Our team has experience managing major technical portfolios for large- and medium-sized businesses. We use proven processes to monitor, maintain, and improve tech assets over time.

Technology assets are often varied, licenses are in diverse states, and personnel may not be fully trained or fully developed to support the technology mission of the business. Addressing these issues and more with expert technology management ultimately leads to revenue opportunities for your business.

What do we do?

• Analyze current and future needs
• Provide leadership managing insource vs. outsource decisions
• Establish processes and procedures to manage tech efficiently and effectively
• Provide leadership managing current staff and identifying gaps in staffing
• Establish core KPIs/expectations based on business goals and industry standards
• Stand up accountability cadences to review performance and iterate technology goals
• Update data capture on all IT processes and IT asset management to ensure proper technology management and reporting
• Ensure tech groups are performance tracked and lifecycle managed
• Run tech budget planning/spend process quarterly/yearly to ensure all tech activities are high ROI and tech budget is easily justified
• Create a standard technology intake using best practice cloud software (e.g. ServiceNow) and build metrics/customer engagement/and other related processes to ensure intake is self-maintaining

At Valerity, we can help you manage your technology to grow revenue.