Packaged Offerings

Developing a product from initial idea to finished result is challenging. Plus, investors of all types - whether independent firms or internal departments - require expert review to understand their future partners and investments in other companies. Our services help companies develop and enhance their product line for various critical business goals.

Design Review Workshop and Report ($ 3,850)
For product evaluation & analysis: We can provide a strong analysis of the design, its competitive quality, review user experience, and evaluate manufacturing feasibility.

Mechanical Design Review ($ 3,850)
For physical products or ones that require inter-operating parts and features: This review dives into product quality & challenges, to bringing the design concept to life.

Product Concept CAD, Renderings, and Sell-Sheet ($ 5,000)
Given existing and approved mechanical CAD documents, we develop a stronger set of renderings, in-use proofs, and a sell-sheet for public- and investor-marketing.

Concept Exploration and Development Report ($ 8,000)
Product concepts can be further enhanced and developed through this round of sketch exploration. We evaluate risks to later, more advanced stages of production.

Storyboarding & User Experience Report with Visuals ($ 7,250)
For plotting out the future interaction design and to ensure that core use-cases and key user behaviors are well-defined, this report can be used for future design & sales.
Combine this and the Concept Exploration and Development Report for $ 12,950.

Technology Assessment for Pitch Direction & Funding Options ($ 10,250)
A broad-scope report to review the major factors that may affect the future funding options available for the product or product line. This includes a Technology Adoption Assessment, a Key Competitor Assessment, a Patent Overview, an Innovation Maturity Assessment, and a Third Party Assessment & Discovery Documentation.