Venture Intelligence for Ventures

You have an idea. You have a great goal in-mind. You have a prototype or aren't sure yet where to begin. You might be looking for funding, considering your options, or ready to move fast and break into the market. Or you could be ready to launch something new or work on a brand new iteration. New business or established company, if you're looking to make a serious commitment and accelerate your product development, we can help.

Risk Identification and Competitive Analysis

Conquer risk and you can find success in the market. Developing that skill over risk takes time and we can provide a supreme shortcut without cutting corners. One of our core services centers on evaluating market risks from a technical and product perspective. This approach helps to reveal gaps in product-market fit, a company's approach to it, and potential competitive flaws. Coupled with a competitor analysis and clients can enjoy far better positioning intelligence for future use.

Product, Technical Assets, and User Experience Review

It's critical to lean on expert teams when planning a business' or a product's next steps. Good advice is great planning. We can evaluate the key factors of a product, the nature of supporting software, and other supporting technical assets. We provide a clear summary that usually includes an assessment of the product, even manufacturing or other production feasibility (where applicable), technical challenges, scaling requirements or risks, and user experience review. We can also go deeper and provide modeling, documentation, technical writing, and more.

Product Strategy and Broad-Scope Technology Evaluation

A product strategy is only as good as the team and vision behind it. Our team can provide clarity about the likelihood that strategy can weather challenges, and we make recommendations on how to improve. We can identify and weigh the major factors that influence product release or production, and what might affect success in the long-term. In addition, we can address needs, gaps, and alignment of the technical teams to enable them for success. Our broad-scope technology evaluation is a multi-phase process that can prepare companies - from startup to scale-up - for pitch, funding, and production.