Systems & Professional Engineering

The realities of complex projects are challenging. More than 60% of projects are over-budget and delivered beyond their deadlines. Research & development costs are rising while competition becomes more fierce. Every client needs a strong ally with capacity, experience, and a proven track record.

Systems Engineering

At the broadest level, systems engineering is a vital discipline that includes understanding interfaces, stakeholder plans and demands, system and product lifecycles, and system complexity management. Over time, these elements are all critically important to the success of a product in the market and also to the realization of new and emerging concepts.

As highly experienced technologists, we bring a 360 degree business approach to systems engineering projects and related plans. We will guide you through:

• Product lifecycle management
• Technology management and strategy
• Budgeting, failure model and effects analysis
• Training plans
• Professional development
• Research and development

Mechanical Engineering

Likely the largest portion of our physical engineering practice, our mechanical engineering services provide practical and in-depth expertise to businesses' projects and requirements. We have taken products from initial concept, to prototype, to finished product in market. We have assisted and facilitated engineering design packages and various research and evaluation projects for small and large companies.

Our services include:
• Detailed 3D CAD modeling
• Technical drawings
• Technical writing
• Product or project documentation
• Finite element analysis

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

As the world around us gets increasingly integrated with computational devices, sensors, and similar technologies, this discipline in engineering becomes ever more relevant. For many businesses and industries on the whole, daily work cannot happen without reliable devices, progressive product development, and expertise in integration with existing systems.

Our electrical and electronics engineering and design can solve or provide concrete solutions for your business. Our services include:

• Schematics review and evaluation
• Schematics development and production
• Circuitry design
• Electrical system testing
• Electrical system design and development
• Guidance and training in the above subjects

Structural & Civil Engineering

Our team can meet multiple demands in this space. We have highly specialized engineers who can engage on niche topics such as seismic impact and modeling, structural review, and fire analysis. We also provide core structural engineering services that would include design and documentation. We can also provide stamping of documents, design, and engineering plans after a professional assessment and evaluation.

Controls Engineering

As industry moves toward what global firms are calling "Industry 4.0", we provide solutions for emerging technologies and industries. We can help your organization stay ahead of the curve on everything from IoT integration to robotics and fine control. Controls engineering requires a high degree of software development and testing experience, as well as a keen awareness of safety concerns and requirements from clients and their respective industries. Our team bring years of experience to meet these needs, while offering extensive and intensive training for remote workers, and complete assessments of any project.